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Jan 21 2011

Get to Know Jack, Monterey Jack!


You have probably heard of Monterey Jack Cheese, even tried Monterey Jack Cheese. Now it’s time to really get to know Monterey Jack.  The Tillamook Monterey Jack recipe has recently been reformulated. It now has a more mild flavor, perfectly creamy texture, and updated packaging.

What I love most about Tillamook Monterey Jack is that it’s so versatile – it’s more than just a staple for Mexican dishes. I can add it to almost everything! Some of my favorite recipes that use Tillamook Monterey Jack are the Roasted Poblano Torta from Bunk Bar and the Jalapeno Popper Sandwich from The AMERICAN Grilled Cheese Kitchen. Give them a try – because once you experience Tillamook Monterey Jack, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it!


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